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Tuesday, May 5

Lizard aka Cicakman

Have u come across this situation before?;

u have a friend,
n then you hang out together with your friend an another friend,
have fun with them,
karaoke and stuffs,
reading books in POPULAR,
u bought a magazine which cost u RM8,
window shopping together,
she bought a fancy bra,
n then the other friend decided to have a measurement on her weight and height,
n then the 3 of u decided to go home,
once u get into the car,
she screams really loud,
because of a small lizard wandering around her dashboard,
she freaks out,
u have to calm her down,
chase the lizard,
lizard went away,
she calmed down,
she drove the car down the hill,
and then emergency-ly brake her car because she thought that she stepped on the lizard's tail,
causing the other friend bumped onto her seat,
she freaks out again,
the other friend had to take control and drove the car down the hill to a safer place,
the 3 of you try to eliminate the lizard once again,
but all of you can't,
she managed to calm herself down apparently after some consultation,
drove the car back home safely,
without anyone harmed...

believe it or not,
i'm the one who experienced this sequence of craziness hours ago...
and the lizard really makes the day way more interesting than the pink bra that she bought.


shah_ariel said...

wow..those lizard know how to make fun with ur life...

the pink she wearing it today????

teddyeipul said...

haha, tu aku tak taw...

meOw said...

kat bilik aku skang neh byk gler cicak,yg ade duri pon ade,huhu...

teddyeipul said...

meow: advance giler genus cicak yang ada kat bilik ko! aku ingin sekali bertemu cicak berduri tuh... hoho~
neway, ko tak de buat blog ker?

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