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Wednesday, June 24

[the lamest entry ever]

Nothing fancy today - except for dancing alone in the toilet before peeing [it feels kinda like doing a ritual thing lah pulak. LOL] and owh, 'kantoi'-ed with my manager that I ate some choc while being at the counter. Demmit.

Today is too dull, literally. I almost closed my eyes and fell asleep. There's nothing else to do except mumbling alone and doing some prank calls to other counters - love it! Hurm... today is the last day I'll be seeing Eky and Alya here. They officially terminate themselves from working starting tomorrow for God sake. Eventhough being with them for like just a month, I felt like losing something when they are gone. They are fun, spunky yet adorable. We had so~ much fun working together.

The ones that left here would all be the new ones except Kak Erda & Abang Safeik. Guess it will all be good though. Hope so!

Today's entry was like too boring to be true. I'm kinda like not-in-the-mood phase lah. I was being alone for quite some times. I am missing someone severely.

Recently, I mean today's afternoon, I had lunch with Eky at McDonalds. I bought McChicken cause it's the cheapest among all, & I had an awkward moment while eating with her. I myself didn't have any idea why it turns out to be that way. Maybe it had been a long time since the last lunch with a gal. Huhu.

Owh I can't wait for this coming Monday. I was thinking about getting a licence, & having some shopping spree. The licence is so important to me as I have no worries about transportation anymore. The thing that is seriously bugging me right now is how to get to work and elsewhere easily. I've had enough waiting for bus. Our bus is not punctual to be frank. Sometimes, I had to wait for hours just to get to my place which is just 8 km from here. Silly en?

Seriously dude. This entry was like the lamest thing I ever did. I just can't stop being lame. Help me though! I guess I'll stop right here before somebody hire an assasin to kill me. Chao amigos!


~ miss ekin pinky ~ said...

eipul, kamu keje smbil blaja ke?

P/S : ekin jd org 1st komen!

shah_ariel said...

an hour waiting for a bus..
wow i'm solute u dude..
ak nk tunggu bas 5 minit pon cnfrm menyumpah x benti2...

EIPUL said...

ekin - huhu. rasanya macam tu lah. tapi part belajar tu belum lagi lah. Minggu depan punya minggu depan baru stat kot. Lalala

shah_ariel - ko memang. last2 ko pegi tahan teksi en? tau dah ko. hehe

yaziith su anaz said...


atlis ko memerut sambil tingat aku.
bukankah itu sangat membahagiakanmu?


EIPUL said...

hahaha, istilah ko memang takleh blah kan?
memerut la? macam memerang pulak bunyiknye. Bangang lah. hehe

MISZ NaNa said...

muahaha~ camne la kamu leh terkantoi ni? dulu aku selalu gak makan curik2 mase kat counter.. kau cashier kan? ^_^

HIZAMI said...


tu je yg mampu.

ym ne sbuk je 'keletuk'

aku nk k0men p0n x senang.


EIPUL said...

misz nana - aku makan tak macam non stop pulak kan. mana tak kantoi? ahahaha

hizami - keletuk lah? very kelakar bunyiknye. heheh, apa maksud tu jek yang mampu? LOL

Kotak Hati said...

hopefully more lame moment..hi3
juz b eipul who is...
happy go lucky yet crazy.. :P

EIPUL said...

hahaha. ya sure! LOL

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