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Friday, June 5

Persepsiku Berubah Seketika

Geram gila ngan dia ni taw! Silap dia padahal, nak naik angin ngan aku pulak.
Tak pasal2 aku diisytihar melakukan shortage pada akaun sebanyak rm45. Sewel kan?
Aku dah kira siap2 semua sekali, salah dia lah tak suruh aku tulis kat buku comot tu.
Aku baru 3 hari bukak kaunter, normal lah aku tak taw.
Budak kecik baru ko ajar terberak kat jamban hari ni, esoknya ko expect dia dah boleh berak tercirit, flush siap2, n bersihkan mangkuk tandas sekali sendiri ke?
Logik ar sikit weyh!
Bosan ar aku nak ikut style orang2 tak profesional. Emosi bawak masuk dalam kerja.
Weyh, silap besar ar orang atas angkut ko naik jadik chief kitorang!
Aku sekali terbawak2 menyesal ngan keputusan aku untuk join tempat cam gini. OMG.
What should I do? I have done regretting. Problems coming dozens in a time and I can't even solve one.
Dengan problem pasal transportation, pastu lagi ngan ko yang sekejap baik sekejap emosi.
Ya Allah. Hidup aku pening. Balasan mungkin? No idea!
Done bragging.

I met this guy yesterday, which is a black guy.
You know what I felt about blacks. Refer to this entry.
My perception towards them are final. They're rude. They talk nonsense.
You know, those things that aint good.
But i've had enuff with that. I'm not racist. It's not typically me.
So my perception have changed a little bit. Not all of them blacks are rude and watsoever. Some of them are nice.
Basically, yesterday was terrible. I'm lost. I didn't know what bus should I take and this black guy is so nice.
He asked me politely where am I heading to. and I said I was wandering around, searching for some signs that can help me find the right bus I should take to Serdang.
He quickly said that I should take U42, I was like heck, are u a Malaysian or what? how do you know so much about these kind of things?
And we started some conversations, about these and thats.
He is a student for God sake. MMU's. I thought he was a lecturer. And he was like 'do I look like a lecturer?'
We laughed. He joked around about those people he met before when he first came to Malaysia.
The ones that aint a good helper.
And heck, he told me not to be ashamed to ask for help if I am lost and clueless.
Yup, he is speaking his mind. He is so true. I am too insecure and too ashamed to ask for help. I guess my ego beats it.
I felt like I know this, and I shouldn't ask any kind of favor from anyone. And I was so wrong.
Then we shook hands before he took his bus. ThankGod I met him.
In my mind before, if I had to sleep at the bus stop, I would. because I gave up. Gave up to think of ways to settle problems occured.
Luckily I met him, and now I'm blogging in my room. Safe and sound. Hell yeah.

Today I skipped work.
Told them I was sick. Hope they believe it. Yeah, I guess they just have to. Haha

And I have to be ready for tomorrow's mind torturing day. It's gonna be bad between me and her. I bet it would. Do u?


Nurul said...

yes.. for sure akan .. macam2 masalah..

Awang Ilham said...

hohoho..epul goes international...

EIPUL said...

nurul - taw takpe... bulan bermasalah... huhu

awang - bila lagi? heheh, yg penting aku x tanya pun nama dia siapa... haha

HIZAMI said...

wah, btuah!

mcm de j0d0h je~


EIPUL said...

hizami - btuah? ko bia betul? tapi bersyukur, jodoh tu OMG, tak mungkin kowt... wakaka

Awang Ilham said...

bese la epul..dlm hubungn rumahtangge ni ade turun naik..jap hepi,jap sdey..hahahhahahahah..

EIPUL said...

awang ilham - rumah tangga?? entah ar, macam2 masalah... LOL

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