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Monday, June 22

A Tag From ツリ- オニク ~ TriONiC =)

| Myself |

First name : Mohd Noor Syaiful [i'm kinda confused which is my first name anyways]
Name you wish you had : Shea Labeouf [cuz it's so damn hard to be pronounced, haih!]
What do people normally your name as : Eipul [i'm kinda lost with this q, hardly understood-able]
Birthday : 22.09.1988 [Ichiban, we'r in the same year... LOL]
Birthhplace : Kuantan, Pahang D.M.
Time of birth : 1.45 am
Single or taken : Single and waiting to be taken [copied as same as Ichiban's, can I?]
Zodiac sign : Virgo

| My Appearance |

How tall are you : 172 cm
Wish you were taller : 165 cm [i wish i was smaller! LOL]
Eye color : black/brown
Current hair color : black
Short or long hair : kinda long, straight unwavy hair I guess.
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : l can't remember. It's been a long time since my last haircut. [am I serious? Heh]
Glasses or contacts : Glasses
Paint your nail : Nope [not even once, hell no]
Shy or outgoing : both way [copied again, which is obviously]
Sexy or cute : some say cute, some said none.
Serius or fun : mostly fun
A turn on : do i really have to answer this q? hurm, none could be a good answer right? ... i'm such a humble creature. wkwkwkwk
A turn off : hurm, i can't find one... let me see, owh, my skinny bod I guess. I wanna gain some weight. LOL

| This or That |

Flowers or chocolates : choc
Rap or rock : I'm sorta like none of these two, I prefer pop and ballads, owh and RnB too... heh
Relationship or one night stand : relationship
School or work : Prefer work, I have money when I work, but I've to spend money when I'm at school. Geez
Love or money : both
Movie or music : both
Country or city : city
Sunny or rainy days : sunny. Easy to go hang out. Lalala
Friends or family : both important as some friends a part of family. Yup, that's rite!

| Have u ever ]

Lied : yes, i did. I guess everyone did, even once in their life. Or not?
Stole something : yes , i did.
Smoked : Once, or... maybe twice. LOL
Hurt someone close to you : my family. my bestest friend.
Broke someone's heart : Not yet. I hope not.
Wonder what was wrong with you : Yup. Kinda.
Wish you were prince or princess : Hell yeah! I want that wealth and fame thing very badly. LOL
Like someone who was taken : Yup. Once.
Shaved you head : Shaved the whole u mean? Nope and neva!
Used chopstick : Sometimes, eating noodles and ramen.
Sang in the mirror to yourself : frankly speaking, most of the time. Lalala

| Favourites |

Flower : I'm not girls. Duh~
Candy : Hard candy? LOL, hurm, lollipop is in the list right? I love chuppa chupps.
Singer & Song : beyonce [whoa Ichiban, we both like her... cool! LOL], britney, lady gaga, christina aguilera, taylor swift, yada yada yada [TMTH]
Color : Baby blue, lavender purple
Movie : Coming Soon [terrifying, like really undescribably terrifying]
Junk food : Twisties. Love it!
Website : Teddyness of Eipul []
Location : Serdang Selangor. Bahau Negeri Sembilan. Kuantan Pahang. Sungai Petani Kedah.
Animal : Cat, and teddy bear [please tell me teddy bear is an animal guys]
Ever cried over someone : Absolutely yes.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : My weight.
Do you think you're attractive : Hurm, kinda. [owh I'm blushing seriously]
If you had to choose a fairy tale as your life what would you choose : Sleeping Beauty. Cause I love to sleep guys! LOL
Do you play any sports : Jogging [is considered as sport too rite?], and volleyball.

thanx Ichiban for this wonderful questions. Do I need to pass this tag to others? LOL, and if I do, I'd like Syaf, Hizami, Shazwan, Awang, & Bacit to do it. Can you guys do me this favor? Lalala


MISZ NaNa said...

orang lain bukan main nak slim kamu nak gain weight pulak! jeles, jeles mmg jeles ni! ~_~"

HIZAMI said...

weh, pjg nauzubillah~

t aku try spend tyme la k~


eqal marah kt aku weh!

EIPUL said...

misz nana - nak wat camna. cek ni kughuih[kurus] sangat! segan cek. Lalala

Hizami - taw takpe. Tapi ok jek kan? Buat bila2 pun ok, tak kesah... no need to rush tho... aku yang dapat terus buat. semangat pulak kan. haha. asal eqal marah weyh?

[yAN!e][pUTraJAya] said...

mcm biodata artis la dik
heheheh....172cm? tinggi nyer kamoo

EIPUL said...

haha, biodata artis lah kan?
hurm, tu ar, tinggi jugak lah kot. kwn2 sume stok 160 lebih jek... LOL

ichiban | いちばん said...

hehe thx sbb jawab... ne way pelik la apasal u nak pendek plak.. org sibuk2 nak tinggi.. hehehe i nak tinggi coz nak jadi catwalk model.. wakkakakakakaka..

EIPUL said...

ok, nanti aku sedekahkan kat kau ketinggian aku beberapa sentimeter. OK tak? heheh

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