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Thursday, September 24

Pathetic wasn't it?

& this is my cute spongy thing that I bought for myself. Not that I asked for a chicky meal wutsoever because I don't deserve a chicky meal forGod sake. Heh. & despite of every little stupid thing that I did, I just happened to love it effing much.
& that sounds simply pathetic rite?

Today, my sis will get engaged with her other half.
& I'd say congratulations Angah for your very day. Hehe.
& don't ever ask me when is my so called enganging day because I don't have the significant-other-half yet. Haha.

& where's my choc cake? LOL


HIZAMI said...

c0meyl d0wh sp0nge tuh~

ichiban | いちばん said...

yea.. absolutely... hahhahaha =P

Judiene said...

that spongy thing looks cute!
jom g kfc!

EIPUL said...

zami, ichiban, judiene, that thing sure is cute!

ya, let's KFC guys!

Ejay said...

oit.. aku allergic btol bab2 tunang ni.. haish.

EIPUL said...

nape? mama dah start bising tanya bila ea? Haha

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