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Wednesday, May 19

A-lizzerd sudah tua.

Wani a-lizzerd... dua dari kiri.

Wani a-lizzerd adalah sejenis makhluk Tuhan yang mengambil kursus sama seperti kursus yang aku ambil. Senang kata dia merupakan rakan se-course aku. Kami berpraktikal bersama-sama di sebuah syarikat makanan di Kajang. Dia kebetulan menyambut hari lahir nya pada hari ini. Oleh itu, aku ingin mengucapkan selamat hari lahir buatnya.
Hip hip hooray. Wani a-lizzerd sudah tua.
Kasihan dia.
Tapi nak buat macam mana. Sudah nasib nya.
Entry ini aku tujukan khas buat Wani a-lizzerd.

Thanx for being my friend for all this while. I mean for every single while, whether when I am at hard time, or when we have the best time together;
Thanx for covering me up while I am out jolly-shandying with my friends instead of go working;
Thanx for understanding me, with all Beyonce's and Shakira's wild dances I showed to you. LOL;
Thanx for doing my job while I am in Harvest-Moon-mood, [I need to get a million by this week, that's my target honey! *wink wink];
Thanx for being such a good listener, [I mean it! LOL]
Thanx for letting me read those notes before Eddy Murphey came visit us;
Thanx for letting me copy some of your report, [I hope so! LOL]

Sorry for letting you all alone 'terbiar' while I am having so much fun playing games using my lappy;
Sorry for online-ing while you are busy packing those darn sausages downstairs;
Sorry for making lame jokes while you need something to laugh at;
Sorry for mentioning "Ko da cerita benda ni 3 kali kat aku", [I know you sentap gila right?]
Sorry for urging you to shut down your wifi signal because internet line gets slower,
Sorry for whatever wrong deeds I have done to you.

So Wani a-lizzerd, go have fun on your birthday ok.
Last but not least, Happy 22nd Birthday sis!!!


wanilizzie said...

ouch... eipul
terharu i.. ngeee~~~

thanks for that lovey, dovey, sweet post.. i really appreciate that... thanks honey bunny~ ngee~

eipul.. may Allah bless our journey.. thanks for being a good friend too...;p i believe you one of the bless from God for me.. luv u honey bunny! lols~

p/S: my name is WANILIZZIE.. and I'm not related to any lizzerd decent

EIPUL said...

bangga tak one whole entry is all yours?

ur welcome lizzie,
hell yeah u r one of the lizard species. Kekeke

heppy birthday again...

lionteen said...

epy besday tuk die..:)

waniliz said...

oh liontin.. time kaseh....

wanilizzie said...

oh lionteen.. time kaceh... ;p

niesz said...

hihi..heppy besday tuk fwen awk tu ek..

EIPUL said...

lionteen, niesz, yup, happy besday utk dia. LOL

*dia belanja choc indulgence utk kitorang... Masyuk wo~~


ridz said...

hahah..secret recipe ko sedap r wanilizie..kalu slalu ko blanja ..boroi r aku...eipoul jom tabik skali kat wani...:P

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