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Tuesday, March 29

Exhausting weekend

Ok ok, I know that it is kind of late and lame to mention about my tiring weekend, but I have got nothing to tell except this. Last Saturday and Sunday, I have finishing school course in communication skills. At first, I was being redundantly not wanting to attend the course because I really dislike talking in groups especially being evaluated to talk in groups, that is the last thing I want to do, like seriously. Besides, who likes to go to a boring course anyways?

But as time goes by, the session is not that bad, it is getting better even. Me winning the Best Actor award, that is something extraordinary I have to say. I was acting as Juliet in the role play, because I am the only male in my group, and they are being harsh by pushing me to be a girl, and the role of Romeo would be played by a girl so that people can laugh at the twisting we made in the character's gender. So, because I do not want to be a typical Juliet, I act like Usop in Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah, waving my hand like crazy and acted really sissy. Surprisingly, they laughed very hard that some of them even teared while laughing.

I did not expect that to happen like seriously because I act very silly and the Usop's signature hand move is not the only reason for their laugh, my spontaneous dialogue really dug them up to the core. One of the dialogue that they remembered was when the 'Romeo' hit by a car, and the 'Juliet' was crying hardly, and 'Juliet' says "Are you dying? Let's go the hospital. No you cannot die, let's go to the hospital please!". I know it does not sound funny here but at the moment, it did sound very funny.

So, because of that session, we all had a good time because almost all of the groups performed very well and humorously, and the lecturers seemed to be pleased and enjoying our show. I did really badly in previous sessions before, during group presentation especially, I was shaking very hard and my voice sounds trembled. The role play session did make up for my bad performance before. Alas, the last session was the Mock Interview, where I got pretty bored really while watching others' interviews, and soon after that session finished, we took pictures together to freeze the moment. It was fun overall, though the first day was a little bit tensed because the lecturers being too pushy for us to perform better.

Puan Fauziah and Puan Ros with us.


lalink7 said...

woww..eipul..bgus program finishing school niee..buat kat kompleks mahasiswa ke dkap? huhuhuhu..dpt sijil lg..hehe


mr.syazwan said...

bagi ku finishing scholl memboring kan

kurang input di bagi

tpi ku suka sbb makanan dan minuman di taja


da nak habis ko ye

wahhhhhhhh chayok2

Afzainizam said...

,=====,o00o Ponn..Ponn.Ponn..
" Antara kau dan aku
Blog ini sebagai pengantara”
Maaf lama tak ziarah blog anda

uihhhh finishing school zaman aku tak pernah pun buat... rajinnya ko yerrrrr

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